We're enviConnect!


We’re enviConnect, a wind energy startup based in Stuttgart, Germany. We’re experts in finding and deploying new technologies for wind energy applications.

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Founded in 2021, we’re a spin off from the University of Stuttgart.

… and I’m Andy Clifton, one of the co-founders. My interest is in getting wind energy innovation out of the lab and in to use. I’ve bounced between academia and industry for the last 20+ years, working on everything from avalanches to wind lidar in Europe and North America.

:email: Feel free to contact me here, through LinkedIn, or at andy.clifton@enviconnect.de.

Hi all!

I’m also a co-founder of enviConnect. Andy already had the honour of writing the into to our startup. So I’ll just introduce myself.

I’m Ines, I just finished my PhD at the University of Stuttgart last year and was looking for a new challenge. So why not do a startup, right? :woman_shrugging: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
I’m an aerospace engineer, but since my heart is into renewables, I decided to specialize in wind energy. I’ve been doing research for the last 10 years focused on using wind lidars for different wind energy applications such as power curve measurements, resource assessment and forecasting. And now I’m really curious how we can commercialize our Uni knowledge and bring the research into industry application.

I’d be happy to have a chat with you and get to know anybody who is going through a similar time with trying to get a startup running! so reach out via my Linkedin or write me an mail at ines.wuerth@enviconnect.de