Welcome to Induction Zone

This website - the Induction Zone Forum - is a place for startups and their supporters to meet, share information, and get things going. We’ve got information about:

:money_with_wings: where to find funding,
:rocket: incubators and accelerator programmes,
:hammer_and_wrench: facilities and infrastructure for developing and testing ideas,
:spiral_calendar: events related to wind energy and startups,
:interrobang: technical questions,

and much more!

:speech_balloon: If you’ve got a question about being a startup in wind energy, or have some tips you’d like to share, sign up and tell everyone about it!

About this Forum

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Intellectual property

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About Induction Zone

This forum is part of Induction Zone. Induction Zone helps startups to be successful in wind energy.

We do that by connecting startups to each other, and the people and resources they need through this website and through regular events.

Who’s Induction Zone for?

Anyone who is interested in getting startups going. For example:
:busts_in_silhouette: people curious about their options
:rocket: startups
:mortar_board: universities
:classical_building: government agencies
:moneybag: investors

Who runs Induction Zone?

The Induction Zone concept was developed by enviConnect.

We want to register Induction Zone as an association in Germany (an e.V.). That makes startups more visible and lets us access funding, amongst other benefits. We’re looking for people who might be interested in making that happen; please contact us at induction.zone@enviconnect.de to find out more.