The Stage: "a demo day without the accelerator"

Do you ever wish you could just pitch your startup without having to go through the incubator or accelerator program? That’s the concept behind The Stage:

The Stage is a demo day without the accelerator. We leverage efficient process and investor FOMO to optimise your round and generate term sheets. We’re built from within the industry and have a founder NPS score of 100.

​Successful applicants will be invited to pitch at the remote demo day in front of the world’s most esteemed VC funds.


They run a couple of events a year for pre-seed, seed, and series A startups. The next one is in November 2022; applications open in late September.

They don’t seem to have a green/clean-tech focus, but given that’s where the smart money is at the moment it would seem that wind energy-related startups with a good value proposition have a good chance of at least getting a call back.

Have you worked with them? You don’t need to share details, but if you’d be willing to have people contact you, please reply below. Thanks!

Disclaimer: Induction Zone is not affiliated with The Stage.