The RAVE initiative - Germany's first offshore wind farm that offers research data access

The research initiative RAVE (Research At Alpha Ventus) carries out research and development work on the offshore test field alpha ventus. In my time as a researcher at Uni Stuttgart, we carried out several projects there. E.g. lidar measurements for offshore power curve assessment or we installed a long-rang lidar on top of the nacelle of a turbine. I used that data to carry out minute-scale forecasts of the wind farm power for my PhD.

Soo, why this could be interesting for other startups: If you need data from an offshore wind farm, RAVE might be interesting for you. Available data is e.g. wind, power, loads in different time resolutions of the turbine. You can get relatively easy access by signing a data user agreement.

Geneal info about RAVE:

Info about the data and how to get access:

Link to the lidar data from the University of Stuttgart:

And here a picture of the long range lidar on top of the wind turbine. Thanks to the Chair of wind energy at the University of Stuttgart for letting me use this picture.