The Offshore Wind Innovation Hub in NYC

Offshore wind is arriving in the USA in a big way, with a pipeline of 10-20 GW of fixed-bottom offshore wind plants in active development on the eastern seaboard. There are also some developments planned in the Great Lakes, Gulf of Mexico, and huge potential for fixed-bottom and floating wind on the west coast.

This is new territory for the USA. Unlike Europe where there is almost 20 years of offshore wind experience to call on, there isn’t that history in the USA. That means new markets and new challenges, and thus opportunities for startups and innovation.

The new Offshore Wind Innovation Hub, located in Brooklyn, aims to help kickstart that. According to their website,

We leverage our New York City hub to grow the US offshore wind industry by harnessing the entrepreneurial powers of both global industry-leading startups and the local community.

It’s a big effort, building off of local partners and international wind energy developers:

The Offshore Wind Innovation Hub is an initiative, led by Equinor in partnership with bp, in collaboration with Urban Future Lab at NYU Tandon School of Engineering, and National Offshore Wind R&D Consortium - supported by New York City Economic Development Corporation.

They’re currently calling for interested startups, established companies, and other organisations to reach out and start to grow the local ecosystem.

For more details check out their website.

N.B. Induction Zone is not affiliated with the Offshore Wind Innovation Hub or any of the partners in any way.

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