The Migrant Accelerator

If you have a migration background it can be hard to integrate yourself into the local business scene, and access the same resources as locals. That’s why it’s really cool to see a new initiative, “The Migrant Accelerator”, a cooperative project by Startup Campus 0711 and University of Heidelberg.

According to their website,

TMA is a safe space for migrant founders to validate, implement and scale their business ideas in the German market by providing empowerment, qualification, network and access to funding.

The first cohort of TMA will start in summer 2023, during the 3-month-programme you will go through our online accelerator programme with experts in empowerment, product development, business strategy, marketing and fundraising.

Check out the web page for details of their program, when and how to apply, and how to register as a mentor or ally.

N.B. although we’re based in Stuttgart, Induction Zone is in no way affiliated with The Migrant Accelerator or Startup Campus 0711, or the University of Heidelberg.