Planet A Ventures: early-stage funding for green tech

Planet A is a green-tech investor based in Hamburg, Germany.

“Planet A Ventures supports founders tackling the world’s largest environmental problems.
We provide early stage funding and mentoring to highly scalable green tech companies – while measuring and forecasting the positive environmental impact of a start-up as our central metric of success.”


It doesn’t look like they’ve funded anything wind-related yet (check out their portfolio), but they seem to take a science-driven approach to investing, mentioning that they have a team dedicated to calculating the effect a startup might have on greenhouse gas emissions. So, if you have an idea that will impact GHG emissions, maybe give them a call?

Have you worked with them? You don’t need to share details, but if you’d be willing to have people contact you, please reply below. Thanks!

Disclaimer: Induction Zone is not affiliated with Planet A.