Ørsted announces „Propel“, a 4-month open innovation program on system integration of wind

Ørsted have just announced a brand new open innovation program called Propel, running with Rockstart.

According to the website,

The program’s purpose is to support up to ten startups with their commercialization and growth through Ørsted’s vast network, capabilities and resources. Through this development, there is the potential to develop pilot projects, funding opportunities, and other long term engagements with Ørsted.

The focus of the program is on system integration of wind. Themes explicitly identified include

  • Conversion and storage of surplus renewable electricity,
  • Enable flexible and efficient usage of energy,
  • Ensure the stability of the electricity grid,
  • Aggregate and orchestrate data to better understand energy supply and demand
  • Shorten the geographical proximity of energy production and consumption.

It looks like the program is oriented towards Europe-based startups focussing on system integration. It’s a free, hybrid program. Applications are open now and the deadline is mid November.

It doesn’t look like any information events are planned, and the organisers encourage people to contact them directly with questions.

For more details see https://propel.orsted.com/.

Note: Induction Zone is not in any way associated with this program, Ørsted, or Rockstart.