Building a network through IEA Wind Tasks

A good place to meet folks for exchange at a technical level are IEA Wind Tasks.

Founded in 1977, the International Energy Agency Wind Technology Collaboration Programme is an international co-operation that shares information and research to advance wind energy research, development and deployment in member countries. The consortium operates under the auspices of the International Energy Agency (IEA).


The Tasks allow international collaboration on specific areas of research, for example wind lidar, forecasting, wind energy in cold climates, and many others. They’re organised in to thematic groups:

Advanced technology

  • Task 30 Offshore Code Comparison Collaboration, Continued, with Correlation (OC5)
  • Task 40 Downwind Turbines

Communication, Education and Engagement

  • Task 11 Base Technology Exchange

Energy Systems with High Amounts of Wind

  • Task 25: Design and Operation of Power Systems with Large Amounts of Wind Power
  • Task 37: Wind Energy Systems Engineering
  • Task 41: Enabling Wind to Contribute to a Distributed Energy Future

Resource, Site Characterisation and External Conditions

  • Task 31: WAKEBENCH: Benchmarking Wind Farm Flow Models
  • Task 52: Wind Lidar (was Task 32)

Social, Environmental and Economic Impact

  • Task 28: Social Acceptance of Wind Energy Projects
  • Task 34: Working Together to Resolve the Environmental Effects of Wind Energy (WREN)
  • Task 39: Quiet Wind Turbine Technology
  • Task 42: Wind Turbine Lifetime Extension
  • Task 51: Forecasting for the weather driven Energy System
  • Task 53: Wind Energy Economics

See for more details all of the Tasks that are currently operating. There are always new ones starting.

They can be a really good way to meet fellow entrepreneurs, early adopters, and innovators, and are a really good way to explore a market and get visibility.

Who’s already working with an IEA Wind Task?