About the "About you" category

Say hello! Share some details about yourself, your idea, your startup or your business, or the services you offer.

What’s welcome:

:wave: Say hello and tell us why you are here!
:bulb: If you are thinking about a startup, just say “hi” and maybe share some background - or whatever you feel comfortable with.
:mag: if you’re looking for a startup to join, share whatever you want.
:rocket: If you’ve set up a new business, congratulations! Please tell us what you’re up to. Starting a new topic for each new business helps make you visible later!
:office: If you’re at an established company, welcome! Share whatever you like. And if you have an accelerator or a way for folks to work with you, you could add something in #programmes.
:moneybag: If you’re an investor, please also consider putting some details in #money.
… you get the idea.

:warning: If you’re pitching an idea, don’t give away too much. You never know who’s reading :slight_smile: